FutureComms 2020 Agenda

NEW YORK  |  April 29-30, 2020

Two Days of
Industry-Leading Content

FutureComms 2020 will combine our traditional format with our Customer Forum from previous years. Attendees will be able to hear from keynote speakers, participate in preferred breakout groups, and join product learning labs for a hands-on experience.

We will continue to finalize the agenda as the event gets closer, so be sure to check in for updates.

Day 1

Wednesday, 29th

7:30 AM

Registration & Breakfast

9:00 AM

Tackling Transformation Together

FutureComms kick-off with SocialChorus Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer.
9:20 AM

Digital Transformation is Human Transformation

Today, technology has become central to how every business competes. Based on his book, Cascades, you will learn how to transform digital transformation initiatives into a movement that can drive your enterprise forward!
10:00 AM

Creating a Culture of Communication

Based on her experience as Director of Communications at Reddit, Anna has learned that communications aren't successful when they only come from the top. Learn about her role in helping Reddit transform to meet the changing demands on their business.
10:30 AM


10:45 AM

Transform like a Mother

Erica will share lessons from her role at Hilton - the #1 company on Fortune's Best Companies to Work For - in real-life workforce productivity and agility through technology, strategies for raising team member engagement and capitalizing on market-place oriented techniques for a successful digital workplace.
11:15 AM

Transform Your Productivity by Embracing What Won't Change

Today's always-on workplace is full of interruptions. Constant meetings, calls, and emails make it nearly impossible to get important, focused, and creative work accomplished. However, by harnessing our ancient biology, we can all get more done and feel better at the end of the day, without needing to put in additional hours.  
12:00 PM


1:00 PM
From Outputs to Outcomes; 
Proof that business problems can be solved with communication
Driven by customer success stories and supported by Product knowledge, this session will prove how data demonstrates communications' impact on the bottom line.
Making the Case; 
Influencing stakeholders and budget owners in your organization
In this interactive session, you'll hear from customers who have successfully navigated getting stakeholder alignment with guidance on tackling the tough questions.
Breaking Through; 
Where technology takes stories to the next level, to engage your audience
Learn from the SocialChorus Product team and Strategic Advisors how to leverage technology to tell great stories.
2:15 PM


2:45 PM
Near and Far; 
How companies from across industries are building strong employee communities by reaching every worker
First-hand lessons from customers who believe that every worker deserves the same access to information and how they brought this belief to life. The results are surprising.
Enabling Transformation;
Solutions for the transformation from the SocialChorus Product team
Technology is a powerful tool in the hands of a communicator who understands it. In this session, spend time with the SocialChorus Product Team to gain deeper insight into the newest features and functions of the platform, asking questions and getting answers in real-time.
Practically Speaking; 
Actionable solutions for complex communication challenges
Through a series of real-life scenarios we'll show you how to tackle the toughest challenges communications professionals face today. From reaching the disconnected deskless worker to engaging the overwhelmed wired worker, we'll break down the challenges into actionable steps you can take in your organization.
4:00 PM


4:15 PM

From Chaos to Calm; Transforming organizations through better communication

Jenni Field works with organisations around the world to take them from chaos to calm. Her session will leave you with ideas to put into action and a better understanding of the people inside your organisation.
4:50 PM

Day 1 Close

5:00 PM

Drinks Reception with Culture, Comms & Cocktails

Day 2

Thursday, 30th

8:00 AM

Registration & Breakfast

9:00 AM

Future Transformers

Tackling transformation means enabling our future leaders and building teams that reflect our diverse workforce. Sonia will chat with two rising stars and learn how The LAGRANT Foundation helped open the proverbial "door" in their careers.   
9:20 AM

Go Beyond Reach - 2020 SocialChorus Roadmap

Communications visionary, Tim Christensen, will unveil how the SocialChorus platform is evolving to fit the complex needs of our customers as we tackle transformation together.
9:45 AM

From 4,000 Apps to 50

As patients, we have experienced healthcare transformation. What about employees? Providence Chief Communications Officer will share what transformation has looked like from a changing patient experience, M&A, consolidation of technology and the corona virus - and what it has meant for their 160,000 employees.
10:15 AM


10:30 AM
Bottoms Up; 
Learn how enabling leaders and teams drives transformation
The idea of enabling non-traditional communicators can be scary. In this session you'll hear how to make the leap and empower leaders and employees alike to join, and lead, the conversation.
The Enlightened Communicator; 
Reaching employees where they are to inspire, inform and connect the broader workplace
Take a deep dive in case studies and successes from leaders across industries who have transformed how the reach and mobilize their employees.
How Ready is your Workplace for Change?
We’ll breakdown different types of organizations and a strategy to assess the their level of change-readiness. Then we will look at the communication toolbox every communicator needs to drive the organization in the right direction, and respond to real-time needs.
11:45 AM


12:45 PM

The Art and (Brain) Science on Effective Communication

There’s plenty written on the art of creating content. This program, however, will focus on the sexy side of the science. By learning more about information psychology, attention spans, and technology trends, you can better plan for and influence communication elements across multiple platforms.
1:30 PM

What Employees Want: It Is (And Isn't) What You Think

We spend a lot of time asking for advice on how to transform our companies, but we rarely take the time to ask the very people who could give us the best advice of all: our employees! In this interactive session, Jason will ask real employees, real questions about what they really want from us. Raw, unscripted, and unfiltered.
2:15 PM

Conference Close - FutureComms Wrap